Gideon’s 1st post

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So it’s less than 2 weeks now before we’re off. Can hardly believe it. I’ve been working non-stop for what feels like forever and hardly had a minute to reflect on anything. My time in Germany has passed extremely fast this year although it was my longest stay here yet. So many friends I would’ve still liked to have spent some quality-time with. So many I haven’t seen at all this year. I again didn’t make it to Berlin this year (amongst a hundred other things). Hardly played any guitar or piano and didn’t sing in my choir because of work. Lost contact with many of you, including family and dear and close friends. All the really valuable and important things in life that gets sacrificed (to a certain degree) due to endless hours of selling my time for money. Some days I really hate this rat-race that we’re all stuck in. It’s not only negative though, there’s also alot of good to be had from it, I just think we tend to loose perspective on what’s really important and what not. We’re all getting abit brainwashed by it all. Therefore I’m very happy and thankful to have the opportunity to break away from it.

To my surprise quite a few people’s first question to me about our trip was “Why am I doing it”, which I at first found a stupid question. I mean, doesn’t everybody wanna do something like this? That’s what I thought anyways, but I realised I’m wrong on that. That really made me think on why exactly I so much want to do this, and honoustly, I don’t know exactly. Obviously for the adventure, and also, getting away from the rat-race for awhile also has something to do with it, but the main reason I don’t know. What I hope to get from it is getting a clearer and more true perspective on life. Maybe it will make me even more thankful for the life I’m leading. (Which I’m really greatful for already)  I think seeing how people in such a big part of the world live in conditions so much worse than ours will be an eye opener. Anyways, enough of the serious stuff for now. 

Still a couple of things that need to happen in the next few days: Gotta drop my bike at BMW tomorrow for final service and replacement of a few things. Gotta get all my vaccinations. Need bike-pants and some clothes and some other bits and odds. I’m not gonna bore you with the rest of it here…

I’m not big on the writing-thing at all, but I promise to make an effort when we’re on the road. (Also, the guys put so much work and effort into this website that it would be a sin not writing and posting pics and video). (Thanx again guys!!)  


Cheers vir eers, Servus, Bye for now,




Hey Gideon, you make me happy :-) Thanks for your post (Dankie vir de post? *g*)! It was our pleasure to help you guys with a website - After all, anyone would love to do a trip like this and by doing this site, we can be a little part of your oncoming adventurous experience. I’m looking forward to fantastic pictures and videos. This is going to be great :-) Trust me, I’m a doctor ;-)

Jannah Wessels

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Freedom freedom freedom….

Klink great!

Kry vir jou lekker leahters met zips vir airvents aan die buitekant. Want die dinges weet julle gaan warm word! O! en ‘n camelpack vir as jy dors word! Dis so watersak met ‘n pyp waaruit jy kan drink want bottels pas nie alted deur die helmet nie.

Geniet dit moers baie ou! Jy flippin lewe jou droom, en dis klaar cool genoeg!

Hey Gideon

Kannie glo dis al sulke tyd nie, voel nog soos nou die dag wat jy dit net gemension het… Ek hoop alles verloop goed.. Man ek mis die pad!!! Hoop jy het ‘n great Experience!!!! Sien uit om julle veilig hier te sien!!!

Haai Gideon, ek kon nie enige info kry op hoe julle opgehou is met die visums nie, maar then again, wie gaan boekhou terwyl julle op die pad is? Bly in elk geval dat julle ten spyte van red tape julle adventure begin het. By the way, ek dink nie mens het diep redes nodig om te doen wat jy doen nie. Vir my is dit obvious!! Mens doen wat vir mens vreugde bring en mens moet jou lewe inrig rondom die goed wat jou gelukkig maak. Iemand het eenkeer by ‘n workshop gese mens moet jou huis vul met goed wat jy liefhet, same thing. Sterkte ou vriend, weet nie wanneer jy die boodskap sal kry nie. Retha, Lara en Leon (nog in die pensie op die stadium).


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Hi Gideon!

Do you remember us??? Our great trip to Baviaans cloof?

We just found the Link to your site on the TT Forum;-))))

Everything prepared and allright for the great ride??

When you’re back in Capetown greet Altus from us!!

Have fun and ride safe!!!!!

Werner+Claudia (now from Perth)

Gideon van der Watt

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Hi Werner and Claudia,
how can I not remember you… Such a nice surprise to hear from you. Can’t believe you found our site. I hope Australia is treating you well. Are you guys still touring around with your HPN’s? I will give the regards to Altus. Please stay in touch und Schöne und liebe grüsse aus München. (Noch)

Geniet dit en wees veilig!